The handcrafted work of giving back life to a historical piece that time has being eroding with its course.

images/upload/restauraciones01.jpgMany times come to us antique weapons that shows its age by the deterioration more than by its nobility. In most cases, to the marks made by negligence adds missing or worn out parts that prevent the normal functioning of the weapon. It is a wrong concept that by the fact of a piece being old it has to be oxidized, strucked or cracked.

Simply, when new they shone very different than we see them today, although it is true that not all weapons had the same finishing, termination, polishing, refining, etc. It will never be the same a duel pistol than a military one. not in its finishing, not in its strength or in its looking. It is as simple as they were build with a different purpose, and even it is probable that they come to us with war wounds or by cleaning the honour of who knows who.

But in some point they will look alike. Those pistols, that shooting rifle, that long gun or that mosquete, almost ever need of the restorer, by cosmetic, due to unperfections or breaks? whathever it may be.

I keep thinking that they will shone much better in the collections, in the solitude of a wall, in a box or behind of a shelf, if they recover its original state, if they recover its form accordingly restored, increasing its value if nothing is missing. And if they recover their condition of use, bringing them back to life will have been achieved. Nothing less.

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Wood and time


Wood and time


Oxide's work


Screws and loose parts

Not always all the pieces of the original weapon are in good shape.

Hands to work


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Publicado el 12/08/2004 a las 1:36